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Fast, Affordable, Reliable Computer Repair! Onsite or Remote - Call us 24/7!

Why go Jamison for all your home and business computer repair needs?


The Value of Your Data:

Your digital information is priceless. This is why the Company’s primary goal, first and foremost, is to make sure that your information is protected from damage and kept extremely private. If damage has already occurred prior to service request, all that can be done will be done to recover the data, if at all possible.

The Value of Time and Convenience:

In today’s world, we are always on the go. We don’t always have time to run extra errands, as we already have our families, our work, and daily chores at hand. In the same way, it is well understood that you, as a customer, do not always have time to take out of your day to drop computers off. And to add to that, you do not have time to wait 3 or 4 days to get your repaired computer back to your home or business. For this very reason, Jamison Computer Services takes pride in offering you a rapid response service option that will occur no later than 24 hours of the placed service call and in the convenience of your own home, home office, or business. You can select to have the work performed by drop off, on-site or even remotely via a secure connection initiated by the customer via the Internet (the remote option is extremely beneficial and convenient to the customer when time is a major factor).

All 3 service options (drop-off, on-site, remote) are completed within 24 hours of the placed work order (laptop hardware repairs excluded).

The Value of Personal and Friendly Service:

The out-sourcing and overworking of employees have become big issues in today’s Corporate Hi-Tech Market. Corporate America has been sending a lot of Hi-Tech related jobs overseas and continues to pile up too much work for the few employees within our borders to handle. This causes the American consumer a great deal of aggravation in a couple of ways. First, the customer has to wait longer for their PC to be repaired. Second, the customer is always dealing with a different person who needs to be reeducated on what the problem at hand might be. And finally, if you do get someone overseas, you may have a hard time communicating with him/or. Jamison Computer Services guarantees that you will always deal with the same person that is familiar with your computer needs and is fluent in the native language of our country - English. As a customer, you should not have to deal with extra aggravation. Having a computer problem at hand, is aggravation enough as it is!

The Value of Competition:

Jamison Computer Services takes pride in being able to offer affordable rates in comparison with large Corporate companies that offer on-site services such as Geek Squad (Best Buy) and Firedog (CircuitCity). Rates for these companies usually range above a couple hundred dollars per category issue. Consultations are usually a $49 dollar minimum. Jamison Computer Services offers a competitive hourly rate in the belief that multiple issues can be tackled simultaneously and efficiently. There is no diagnosis charge. Diagnosis is included as part of the repair price. If nothing is repaired, there is no charge.Jamison Computer Services thrives on beating its competitors and this means not only better prices than the "big boys" offer the consumer, but also more prompt, private, personal and reliable service.

The Bottom Line:

Jamison Computer Services is the most prompt, reliable, efficient and personal computer repair service available today for an affordable price. Jamison Computer Services gets the job done right the first time and stands behind the service all the way. Your Satisfaction is guaranteed!

To End your Computer Headache, Call Jamison Computer Services Today!


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