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Legal information
Disclaimer: By paying the due balance on invoices provided by Jamison Computer Services, the Client hereby acknowledges that all requested service items for this date and/or any other dates listed above in the “description” section of the table, have been performed and have been tested showing successful satisfactory repair, unless otherwise stated on the invoice, in which labor service charges still apply if any repairs have been made. By accepting this invoice, the Client agrees to pay in full the amount listed in the “Total” section of the invoice. Jamison Computer Services is in no way responsible for injuries or damage that may occur during provision of service for any reason. By paying the due balance on any invoice provided, the Client acknowledges that Jamison Computer Services is in no way liable for any service items (including those listed above) that may arise after the time at which the listed services were provided. A one hour minimum service charge applies to all service calls (remote or onsite). Hourly rates are subject to change at any time. All sales and repairs are final.